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Our tag system allows for storage for up to 6 different contact details
Online profile to manage all your details    –    Easy to update anywhere anytime
    Microchip storage support    –    No reunification costs
DNA identification & storage

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Founded in 2008, we have reunited thousands of lost pets wearing a Pets Bureau Unique ID Tag with their families & throughout the years we have maintained a 95% success rate.  We’re all pet owners, just like you, & our passion for animals is what fuels our motivation to provide the best protection we possibly can for the UK’s cats and dogs.

The Future of Pet Identification

Combining the ease, speed and practicality of the standard
collar tag with the storage capacity of a microchip (and then some!), our
Reunification System will change the way you view pet identification forever.

Pets Bureau 100% Success Reunification Award 2013
Pets Bureau 100% Success Reunification Award 2014
Pets Bureau 100% Success Reunification Award 2015

Completely Customisable Contacts

Storage for up to 4 phone numbers, your full home address and also email address, the finder of your pet will have no shortage of ways to contact you if they find your pet.  All of these details are fully customisable anywhere anytime completely free of charge so no matter your situation; whether you’re moving house, changing phone numbers, going on holiday with your pet etc, you can always amend your details however you please.

Keep your contact details and pet details up to date with just a few clicks!
High quality ID Tag comes equipped with unique ID number

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Each Pets Bureau ID Tag is equipped with a phone number and a unique ID number.  When the phone number is called, the finder of your pet will be prompted to enter your pet’s Unique ID Number and within minutes that person will be provided with all the contact details you stored on our secure database.

Hassle Free With No Additional Cost

Statistics show that only around 9% of people see updating their pet’s contact details as a priority when moving home, which is why we have strived to make updating your details with us so easy.  Updating your contact details with Pets Bureau takes just mere minutes through your online profile, involves zero paperwork and is completely free!

Updating your details takes but a few minutes through your onine profile. It's completely free and involves zero paperwork!

What Our Members Are Saying…

Thousands of people are using Pets Bureau’s service to protect their furry family. But don’t just take it from us, here are some testimonials from the people who matter.

Worth every penny!!! We were reunited with our pet at a large caravan park which we’d never been to before within a very, very short space of time! Huge relief! Thank you!

Nicky Thomas-Shaw

Rye was found by a man who read his disc and phoned you. This showed us that your bureau help line really works. Since this happened we tell every pet owner that we meet how good your system is. Many thanks!

Ray and Joan Ashton

Another great help!!!  Pets Bureau is amazing!! Join the club and get the unique Tag but don’t let your dog stray without a collar. Get your doggy to wear it always! They are also a great help when you report your pet lost.

Vanda Ferreira

The Ultimate Pet Identification

DNA Identification is the ultimate indisputable pet identification method allowing for instant cross reference matching should you need to prove ownership of your pet.  Microchips are not proof of ownership; DNA Identification is the only way to prove ownership of your pet in a dispute.

Indisputable Proof

Pets Bureau’s DNA Identification service for cats and dogs has been developed to combat the rapid increase in pet crime throughout the UK and is now available to pet owners for identification purposes and ownership disputes.  Pet theft has been increasing steadily with the number of reported pet thefts quadrupling in the last 5 years.

We’ve Got You Covered

We’ll provide you with a kit and instructions on how to collect a sample from your pet, which will then be sent onto the laboratory.  Once the results have been collected, you will be sent a hard copy of your pet’s DNA Identification results, a digital copy for you to keep and we will also keep a digital copy stored securely for you.

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