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The best UK pet finding service. Pets Bureau membership & unique ID tag protects your dogs and cats.
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Pets Bureau's National Missing Pet Register and missing pet help and missing pet support service

As a member of Pets Bureau, should your pet ever go missing our support staff will be on hand to help you through these stressful times.

What is Pets Bureau?

Pets Bureau is the most streamline pet reunification service available today, providing your pets with every possible opportunity to be quickly reunited with you through our Unique ID Tag system.  Every day, we track, locate and reunite lost pets up and down the UK and for 8 years we have maintained a 95% success rate in reuniting lost pets wearing one of our Unique ID Tags.  In fact our reunification service is so fast in reuniting lost pets that 70% have been successfully reunited with their owners before they even realised their pets were missing!

Thank you for a

brilliant service

“If you lose your dog, the Pets Bureau service is a wonderful way of ensuring that the finder can reach you. I used their services more than once during Henry’s lifetime. You never think that your dog might disappear but it can happen.  Pets Bureau gave me extra peace of mind. Thank you for a brilliant service and a personal thank you to Sue Hipperson, Director of Pets Bureau, who was extremely sympathetic over my dreadful loss of Henry.  It was a great comfort to know just how much Sue and her team actually care for their members and their animals.”

Jane McDonald

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Pets Bureau's free missing pet register

Free Lost Pet Register

We run our very own Lost Pet Register and we work closely with Police, Veterinary Practices, Dog Wardens and Animal Charities and Sanctuaries all over the UK and have a network of over 2000 contacts who keep a close vigil on our database.  Give your pet the best chance possible of finding their way hope safe and sound.

We will also push your lost pet through all our social media outlets to maximise coverage and get your pet’s picture in front of as many eyes as possible.

If you have lost your pet, don’t hesitate; place them on our register now!  It’s completely free!

Pets Bureau's Paws & Claws Newsletter Pets Bureau's pet id tags and reunification system

Providing you with the ability to register up to 4 phone numbers plus your full address, and the flexibility to update your contact details at a moment’s notice; our Unique ID Tags and Reunification Service are second to none!

Paws & Claws Newsletter

Learn about…

- How to keep your pet in tip top condition with a wealth of advice and tips from our vets.

- How to train your pet for the home or competition, written by professional animal trainers.

- Real life stories of faithful pets, working animals and

their owners.

Claim your free Paws & Claws Newsletter now and receive up-to-date news, fun and helpful articles, true stories, tips and advice about your pets.

Pets Bureau's DNA testing and DNA identification service

DNA Identification is the ultimate indisputable pet identification method allowing for instant cross reference matching should you need to prove ownership of your pet.  With pet theft on the rise, don’t take any chances!





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