Give our cat the protection of our Cat ID tag

Pets Bureau’s ID Tags for Cats

Pet Tag Reunification Service for Cats

Cats have no protection under UK law which is why it is so important that you ID tag your cat.


We offer several types of memberships depending on how many pets you have in your family. If you have a mix of cats and dogs don’t worry, you can register them all at the same time under the same membership.

Single Pet Membership

£10.95 / year

Unique ID Tag and cover for a single pet.

Two Pet Membership

£17.95 / year

Unique ID Tags and cover for two pets.

Multi Pet Membership

£27.95 / year

Unique ID Tags and cover for upto 5 pets.

A Small but Powerful ID Tags for Cats.

Regular ID tags for cats are so small it’s impossible to put all the relevant information on them. Our system however allows for you to register up to 6 different contact details so should your cat go missing, the finder of your furry friend will have no shortage of ways to contact you.

Your online profile stores all of your contact details which you can update anytime.

What Makes Our ID Tags for Cats Special?

Since 2008 we have refined our system to ensure that our ID Tags provide the optimum service at a press of a few buttons.

Your Cat’s Unique ID Number

Each of our cat tags come equipped with an engraved ID number, unique to your cat, linking them directly to your contact details.

Your Information Is Kept Safe

Unlike traditional ID tags, your details are not on the tag itself. All call’s are directed to us to ensure you and your details are protected from prank calls and other unseemly interactions.

Caller Details Logged

Protecting our member’s and their beloved pets is at the forefront of every element of our service. All call’s to our Reunification Service are logged so should a ransom or reward be demanded for the safe return of your cat, we have all the necessary information to pass onto the authorities.

Massive Contact Detail Storage

Register 4 phone numbers, your full address and even your email address. That’s 6 different ways for someone to contact you, all of which are made available if someone finds your cat.

Easy To Update

All of your details can be easily updated in just a few minutes through your online profile at no additional charge. Fantastic if you’ve just moved house, got a new number or are going away on holiday.

Can Update Anywhere, Anytime

Because everything is stored in your online profile you can access and update from pretty much anywhere at a moment’s notice.

Happy Customers

If you lose your dog, the Pets Bureau service is a wonderful way of ensuring that the finder can reach you. I used their services more than once during Henry’s lifetime. You never think that your dog might disappear but it can happen. Pets Bureau gave me extra peace of mind.

Jane McDonald

Rye was found by a man who read his disc and phoned you. This showed us that your bureau help line really works. Since this happened we tell every pet owner that we meet how good your system is. Many thanks!

Ray & Joan Ashton

We’ve been members and had our dog tagged for 7 years but it was never used until last weekend when it was suddenly worth every penny!!! We were reunited with our pet at a large caravan park which we’d never been to before within a very, very short space of time! Huge relief! Thank you!

Nicky Thomas-Shaw

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Access This On My Phone?

Once on our website, click the options button top right of your device and select “Add To Homescreen”.  From there you will have access to our website at the click of a button.  You can then log into your account as and when you require to ammend your contact details.

What Happens When My Pet Goes Missing?

Our Reunification System kicks in automatically when you pet’s Unique ID number is activated.  Missing pets can also be listed on our Lost Pet Register for free.  Our register is viewed by veterniary practices, dog wardens etc on a daily basis.

How Do I Get a Replacement ID Tag?

You can order a replacement ID Tag from our Store page.

How Do I Pay For My Membership?

Our system works on an annual renewal subscription which is automatically charged each year to ensure there is no period of time where your pet is not protected.  If circumstances change and you wish to end your subscription please contact us within 14 days of your renewal via our Contact Us form.

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