Pet Tag Reunification Service for Dogs

A Different Breed of ID Tags for Dogs

Regular ID tags for dogs are dime a dozen, but none offer the level of protection that comes with a Pets Bureau tag. Our system allows for you to register up to 6 different contact details so should your dog go missing, the finder of your dog will have no shortage of ways to contact you.

All of your contact details are controlled through your online profile so you can update them at a moment’s notice, whenever you need to.

Pets Bureau’s ID Tags for Dogs

So What Makes Our ID Tags Different?

Each of our ID tags is engraved with a unique ID number which links to your dog’s details in your online profile, and a phone number to our reunification system.

None of your details are stored on your dog’s ID tag itself. This adds extra protection as we log all calls that are made and any attempt at demanding a reward for the safe return of your dog will result in the caller’s details being passed swiftly onto the Police.

Contact Detail Storage

What contact info do you decide to put on your dog’s tag? A mobile number? Land line or perhaps your address?

We’ve done away with this by storing your details securely online where you can register 4 phone numbers, your full address and even your email address. That’s 6 different ways for someone to contact you, all of which are made available if someone finds your pet. And of course, all of these details can be easily updated in just a few minutes through your online profile at no additional charge.

Updating Your Contact Details Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

In a study by Dogs Trust it was discovered that 46% of dog owners in the UK failed to update their pet’s microchip details when moving house, when close to 25% of people surveyed admitting that their dog wandered from their new home within just 2 days of being in the new area.

To eliminate that risk we have ensured that it is quick and easy to update your contact details. There’s no paper work involved, just log in, change your details and click update.

Happy Members


Thanks for checking that everything was ok and thanks for providing such a great service. It provides real peace of mind and, as last night demonstrates, helps reunite a missing pet very smoothly.

Thanks again!

- Dougal


Another great help!!! Pets Bureau is amazing!!

Join the club and get the unique Tag but don’t let your dog stray without a collar. Get your doggy to wear it always!

They are also a great help when you report your pet lost.

- Vanda Ferreira


Rye was found by a man who read his disc and phoned you. This showed us that your bureau help line really works.

Since this happened we tell every pet owner that we meet how good your system is.

Many thanks!

- Ray & Joan Ashton

Our Memberships

We offer several types of memberships depending on how many pets you have in your family. If you have a mix of dogs and cats don’t worry, you can register them all at the same time under the same membership.

Single Pet Membership

£10.95 per year

Less than 22p per week

Cover for 1 pet

Two Pet Membership

£17.95 per year

Less than 35p per week

Cover for 2 pets

Multi Pet Membership

£27.95 per year

Less than 54p per week

Cover for up to 5 pets

More than 5 Pets in Your Family?

If you have more than 5 pets then get in contact with us and we’ll help you out.

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