Lost: Black Male Domestic Short Hair named Oliver in NG9


Domestic Short Hair




Markings & Distinguishing Features:

Oliver is an all black cat, with a brownish tinge but also greying with age mainly on his chest. He struggles to wash himself so we help him with that lots so his coat may not look the best since he’s wondered off.

He has a cyst behind his left ear (vet has confirmed that as it is not bothering or hurting we need not worry).

When he was last seen he was wearing his colour with a tag confirming he is microchipped and his late sisters pink bell!




Date Lost:

Location Lost:
Nottinghamshire, NG9

Contact Numbers:

Additional Info:

Please could everyone look in their gardens, sheds and little hide away places you might have.

Our much loved family member Oliver ‘Ollie’ has not come home since Monday daytime, this has not been unusual for him to go off on his travels for a few days but as his is approaching 18 we are all really worried about him as he’s not done this for a long time, he just wants to sleep and be close to us all! Our 7 year old son keeps asking where he is morning, noon and night and missing him terribly just as we are too 😢

Oliver is an old cat, he needs to be on special dietary food, struggles to wash himself so we help him lots to clean his coat, if anyone does find him he will have a loud meow this is nothing to be frightened of he is such a lovable and cuddly cat 🥰

He has gone missing from Birley Street the top of Midland Avenue area. Any help from you all would be much appreciated, thank you in advance xxx

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