Tortoiseshell and white Female Domestic Shorthair named Tigger in B67


Domestic Shorthair


7 years old

Tortoiseshell and white

Markings & Distinguishing Features:

Beautiful and unique tortoiseshell colouring / pattern on her stomach between her front and hind legs, whilst the rest of her chest and underbelly is pure white. She can’t stand collars.
All four paws are white like she is wearing white ankle socks.
Her face, head, back, and legs down to her white sock-like paws are all tabby/tortoise-shell patterned.
She’s shorter than the average cat, but her loose belly where she lost weight hangs.
She has long whiskers like a “wild cat”.

Please check your sheds, garages, conservatories, greenhouses or anywhere else sheltered. With the warm weather, with windows/doors open, she might have slipped in before a shed/garage was locked and be stuck inside. She’s timid so might be hiding anywhere sheltered.

REWARD OFFERED! Please just take her to the PDSA/Animal hospital if she’s injured, or to any vet local to B66/B67/B68 if she seems ok for her microchip to be scanned and we’ll be contacted by Petlog.
We’ll pay the reward directly to you, plus the vet can email me the invoice for checking her microchip.
Please contact Mrs. M. Wilkinson on
07854 444 377

Please click on the link to see better and more photos of Tigger’s distinctive features:–gnPUbo_AC1Rq_Vm/view?usp=sharing




Date Lost:

Location Lost:
West Midlands, B67

Contact Numbers:

Additional Info:

She is a 7 year old indoor, neutered cat that never goes further than one meter from the front nor back doors. She is very timid around people she doesn’t know. With the warm weather, insects, butterflies etc, after 7 years, she suddenly started to venture to the breeze by the doors and windows as most cats do.

Our postcode is B67. Our 7 year old indoor, domesticated cat went missing – over 24 hours ago. She’s micro-chipped but in case whomever finds her doesn’t take her to a vet, I want them to know that she’s wanted and she must be so scared now. She can’t stand collars.