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How to Keep your Pets Safe During Fireworks Season

Fireworks are enjoyed by people year-round, but now that we’re approaching Bonfire night and New Year’s, fireworks will be a much more frequent occurrence. Although people may love them, our pets do not. This time of year can be the most stressful time of year for our...

Do Not Risk Losing Your Pet To Watch TV

First of all, this article is equally relevant to cat families but refers to dogs simply because it is written based on facts found in the Dogs Trust 2016 survey. Is the Dogs Trust survey relevant to cats? Definitely, and while there is no intention to insult cats we...

Dogs Trust Positive News From 2016 Survey

Of the 370 surveys sent out to local councils, 338 were returned, up from 319 for 2015, giving a 92% response rate. Not all surveys were fully completed but this is still an excellent response from councils who made the time to return the questionnaire. The results in...

Introducing A New Cat To My Cats Guide

Introducing a new cat, or adopted cat (that’s brilliant), to your resident cat can easily be done with a little planning so follow our guide to success.

A Guide To Adopting A Cat

Looking to adopt a cat? FANTASTIC! This guide is all you need to help you through the process of adopting a cat, written by people who have cats in their families and been through the process.

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