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Who determines who owns your Pet?

Why should you have DNA ID storage and Testing for your pet?

Should you lose your dog immediately inform your local authority and keep in contact with them. Doing this is crucial, if your local council’s Dog Warden seizes your dog and you have not made contact about losing your dog they may give your dog to someone else, or worse destroyed after a week has passed.

Our poor cats do not have a seven-day protection policy and can be transferred to another Rescue Centre, rehomed immediately or put to sleep.

To be able to quickly show your pet has DNA ID can help enormously to prove you are the owner and have your pet released to you. However, as ownership does not transfer to a new owner, you may still be able to claim your dog or cat back if you come forward with evidence at a later date.

If pet ownership goes to court cases usually go before the Small Claims Court, and the District Judge has the power to determine who is the rightful owner. Be it ownership dispute or lost pet disputes with Dog Wardens or Rescue Centres DNA ID evidence can be vital. Therefore to have access to DNA ID that can be produced quickly would go a big way to helping the judge decide you are the pets owner. 

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