Replacement Pet ID Tag

Can you easily read the information on your pets ID tag?


We buy them the best food, coats to keep them warm and dry, toys to play with, comfy beds to sleep in, or, on your bed. Look after them when they are ill, love and cuddle them. Yes, we are talking about your furry family. You love them that much you must ensure your pets ID tag is not damaged, if it is, replace it immediately.

Why, because if you CANNOT read the tags information neither will any finder of your lost pet. The easier you make it for a finder to SEE/KNOW how to contact you, the greater the chance they will make an effort and take the time to do it. It is an unfortunate fact that having the time to make an effort is not always available to us all nowadays. Make it in any way difficult, and you will risk your lost pet being left for someone else to find, and there is a severe risk this may not happen at all.

So do the test, can you EASILY read the information on the pets ID tag?

NO, replace the tag immediately, it’s a lot less worry and stress.

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