DNA ID Storage


DNA Pet ID Storage only, a simple low-cost way to give your dog and cat DNA ID protection.

Dog or Cat DNA ID storage only.

Using our DNA Swab kit to get a DNA sample is very easy, with no harm to your pet.

  • You will receive a DNA Swab sampling kit with easy instructions on how to use it.
  • Your pet's DNA sample professionally stored for five years in a secure temperature-controlled laboratory facility. You know your DNA sample is safe. 
  • If for any reason you need your pet's DNA sample tested, send in a request in writing or by email. (Testing requires an additional £60 fee) 
  • You can relax knowing if anyone disputes your ownership of your dog or cat, you can provide strong evidence they belong to you. 
  • DNA gives excellent ownership protection for your dog or cat at a low-cost of only 13p per week.

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