Lost Pet Registration + Email Campaign


For a small fee, we will create an email campaign to include your lost pet details with a printable Lost Pet Poster. Vets, Dog Wardens and Rescue Centres in your area will receive an emailed about your lost pet’s information. This Email Campaign will decrease the possibility of your pet being lost in the system or rehomed. As you may already know, dogs have very little protection after seven days and can be rehomed, moved to rescue centres who have space or worse. Unfortunately, Cats, with no seven-day protection, can be moved into rescue centres and rehomed immediately. Getting the details of your lost pet in front of as many local Vets, Dog Wardens and Rescue Centres as quickly as possible is vital. Just registering your pet on our free National Lost Pet Register helps with your pets printable Lost Pet Poster going out on our social media sites. Many vets and rescue centres will see their details as well as the local public.

By adding our Email Campaign, you significantly reduce the possibility of your lost pet being sent to a rescue centre out of your area or rehomed. Your pets Lost Pet Poster is emailed to local Vets, Dog Wardens and Rescue Centers quickly, and they will have a picture and details ready if your pet is handed in. They can then contact you immediately, or via us, to arrange a happy reunion.

In the meantime they can print out your Lost Pet Poster and display it in their waiting areas, and post on the internet, adding to the public exposure of the details of your pet.

 Saving you:

  1. Time
  2. Boarding Fees
  3. Stress to you and your pet