Welcome to our shop, the place to be for pet protection products for your dogs and cats.

  • Memberships. Be it one, two or multiple dogs and cats in your family, we will have a membership to suit you to protect your furry family.
  • Replacement Pet ID Tags, regularly check your pet’s ID tag and make sure it is clear and easy to read. If in any doubt replace it immediately with a new tag, better to be safe than be sorry after losing your pet!
  • DNA Pet ID storage and testing options. In pet ownership disputes, to be able to show DNA ID evidence is the best proof of ownership you could have. It is a great way to back up your case that you are the pets owner.  
  • Lost Pet email campaign. We will send out emails with a “Lost Pet Poster” attachment to Vets, Dog Wardens, Rescue Centers, and more, in your area. The email will provide details of your lost pet and a request to print and display your poster. If your lost pet is handed in, they will have its description and picture and be able to contact you immediately. We get your lost pets details in front of those who are most likely to come in contact with it.
  • And more!