Taiwan Animal Welfare Laws Bans the Sale and Eating Dog & Cat Meat

Apr 18, 2017 | 549 comments

In a huge step for animal welfare, Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to make both the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat illegal. Previously the county’s animal protection law only targeted the killing and sale of cats and dogs for human consumption.
However under this a new bill, anyone who sells, purchases or eats dog or cat meat will face a fine of up to £6,500. Additionally, anyone who intentionally harms or kills animals face two years in jail and a £52,000 fine. Offenders will also have their names and photographs publicized. The bill also prohibits anyone pulling an animal on a leash that’s tied to a car or motorcycle.

With pet ownership increasing over the years, Taiwan has seen a huge shift in attitude. The new measures were introduced to improve the country’s animal protection laws, which is a huge step forward for animal welfare and a landmark amendment to Taiwan’s Animal Protection Act which is the first of its kind in Asia.

The Humane Society International praised the country’s decision, with Kelly O’Meara, HSI’s director of companion animals and engagement saying in a statement that it’s a “monumental step in ending the dog meat trade.”

“This legislation is going to send a message to the Chinese mainland, Nagaland state in India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other Asian countries where dog meat consumption is still legal that ending the brutal dog meat trade is the positive trend across Asia and a step in the public’s long-term interest. Most people in Asian countries do not eat dog and cat, and most find the cruel and often crime-fueled trade appalling. The animal protection movement is growing rapidly across Asia and the calls for an end to dog meat cruelty are getting louder and louder.”

Even though dog meat is not widely consumed in Taiwan, it is still consumed in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, and China, where there’s an annual dog meat festival which animal rights activists fiercely protest against each year.

Although there are other places in Asia that outlaw killing cats and dogs for consumption, it’s reported that Taiwan is the first country with laws that specifically target a person eating the animals.

We hope that with this change we will see other countries follow suit. The calls for tougher animal welfare laws are getting louder and with many more people joining the campaigning every year this is a huge step in the right direction. We applaud all the hard work the supporters and campaigners have put in to get this law up and running. Your voices are being heard so now it’s time to shout louder! Keep up the amazing work!